About RemoteView Pro

RemoteView Pro, in Waterloo, ON, Canada, will manage sales for the Remote View Camera Sytems for end users and dealers across Canada. RemoteView Pro, led by President, Steve Peters, has more than 25 years experience in customer service, sales skills, marketing and experience working with physical security solutions, for a variety of applications and markets.

A Message From Steve Peters

With 25+ years of experience at various levels of physical security and my own manufacturer’s representative firm since 2011, I bring a refreshing approach to each and every challenge. No one single product can possibly assist in all situations. A layered approach is the most effective.

I have developed a steadfast reputation for finding the right product - not necessarily always mainstream - to solve an issue. From POS, CCTV integration, to remote site CCTV via satellite, to access control, to loan worker, GPS tracking, to active deterrent products such as fogging device, long-term data storage for video surveillance, VMS platform, and of course video alarm verification - the selection is broad.  I can protect ANY site Anywhere, with solar and battery powered CCTV, or cell – all with optional power supply for off-grid or to supplement any scenario.

My products, experience, and approach are unique and different but far from niche. Please have a look at what I have to offer the market and after seeing something there, and then contact me.